QB & TE Probability Charts

QB & TE Probability Charts

One of the biggest advantages in fantasy football is being able to recognize the NFL controls all the chess pieces. Once that’s accepted, there’s a lot of information that can be mined.

When the regular season comes to a close, there’s always an urge to determine new trends and ideas based on what happened in that most recent season. For prospect purposes, this is an enormous issue, and a big reason why these probability charts came about. It’s essential to recognize the NFL is a consistent system, and the most successful players are consistently coming from the same buckets in the draft. A few outliers here and there are not going to average out the hundreds of prospects that came before them.

There’s a large number of variables that make where a player gets drafted an incredible indicator of future NFL success, and a few of them aren’t talent related. A portion of it is the teams, general managers and organizations want/need to be right. A portion of it is lack of opportunity for late round picks. However, the overwhelming chunk of the pie is that the NFL gets it right most of the time. Let’s say that once more, with feeling! THE...

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Russell Clay
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