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Interview Us

It would be our pleasure to be interviewed on the subject of fantasy football by any radio, television, or print media representative. If you are considering interviewing us, here are some of the reasons you should:

  • We’ve been in the fantasy sports business for 21 years.
  • Our Publisher John Hansen and Senior Writers Matt Camp and Joe Dolan host "SiriusXM Fantasy Football" on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports on Sirius 210/XM 87 every day from July-January and weekly in the off-season.
  • John Hansen is the fantasy analyst for DirecTV's Fantasy Zone Channel.
  • John Hansen appeared regularly on the NFL Network and in 2003 and on "NFL Fantasy Live," an NFL Films production broadcast on and on Direct TV in 2002.

Media Contact

We are always available to discuss the fantasy football industry and strategies with any member of the media. In our 20+ years in business we've been quoted in over 20 newspapers and have appeared on numerous TV and radio stations, including regular spots on DirecTV, NFL Network, Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia, Sirius NFL Radio, and Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio.

Attention Radio Stations

We are available to appear on your show to discuss fantasy football via our own ISDN line.