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Due to a major change in how leagues and franchises are imported from the top fantasy providers, MyGuru has to be reconstructed. We know what you are thinking, didn't we just do that? Short answer, partially. When we migrated content from the old site we only changed how scoring systems worked as we had to keep the same structure for importing leagues and franchises. Because of a change that occured at the end of the 2016 season, the way the import for leagues and franchises from the top providers changed, causing this change to MyGuru.

Bad news, to avoid issues between old content that was migrated and new content, ALL leagues and franchises from MyGuru will be removed. Good news however, scoring systems will remain available but will not be associated with the current league any longer. Scoring systems can still managed and used from your account.

A target date for MyGuru to become operational again is July 15, 2017 which should provide plenty of time to manage leagues, scoring systems, and franchises for the upcoming 2017 NFL season.


Scoring Systems

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