NOTICE: We have updated which rows are highlighed in tables. Players on your roster will have the row highlighted in light yellow while players on a roster within your league will be a light red. White and gray rows are available players within your league.

FINAL UPDATE: Our season projection update heading into Week 14 was our final of the season. After Week 14, there are not enough weeks of the season left to make season rankings viable.

2018 quarterback Projections (Season)

Updated: December 04, 2018

Full season projections will only be updated for QB/RB/WR/TE begining Week 1 through Week 14.

Note: These are projected weekly averages for each week of the rest of the season. In some cases with injured or suspended players, we will project their weekly stats for when they return to the field (as opposed to averaging the stats down for players still set to miss time) to put their potential into perspective.

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