Dynasty Strategy: Youth vs. Veterans

Dynasty Strategy: Youth vs. Veterans

One of the biggest debates in dynasty leagues is, and has always been, how to appropriately weigh the age and experience of assets on a dynasty roster. Both sides of the coin have redeeming qualities and negatives, but there are some truths that ring true. There are a few bases (four in this piece!) that are important to have a solid grasp on to sustain success in a dynasty league, and as with any dynasty-related topic, running through how any topic applies through those bases is a great way to learn.

Below are three sections which are essential to evaluate, and a summary of how age-based roster building should be applied.



Before getting into some of the most integral factors to evaluate players, let’s remember that format and league settings are incredibly important to evaluate. Roster size and league size can significantly affect strategy, especially on the extremes. For some high stakes dynasty formats (FFPC) roste...

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Russell Clay
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