2019 Rookie Dynasty Rankings

2019 Rookie Dynasty Rankings

After posting a mock draft earlier today, it seemed like a smart Idea to relay positional rankings as well. While It’s HIGHLY important to draft BPA (best player available) in dynasty leagues (specifically the rookie draft), having a grasp of tiers within positions is vital as well. Listed below are my positional tiers and rankings. That, along with the dynasty rookie mock draft, is the pertinent information for upcoming rookie drafts.

“But Russ, I want more info on these players!”

Yes, yes, fair. Next week, the rankings will be expanded upon and there will be full player breakdowns pertaining to college production, athleticism, draft position and landing spot with NFL teams. For now, take a seat, lean back, order a drink with an umbrella in it and enjoy dynasty rookie draft season.

There are 50 players total ranked, which will be more than enough for a four-round rookie draft. Remember, a lot of these players will end up not being fantasy relevant already, so expending an aggressive amount of time on late round or UDFAs...

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