2019 Prospect Stock Watch: Apr. 3

2019 Prospect Stock Watch: Apr. 3

As the offseason progresses, and the 2019 rookie class evolves, there’s a constant churn of draft prospect information. Some is good, some bad. This article will help clear the noise and get to the truth. There’s a lot of information out there, but only some of it is valuable. This article will also evolve and shift, based on personal research done through the season.

Now that the Shrine Game, Senior Bowl and Combine are finished, there’s time to address some of the more unique and highly talked about players in the draft class. While I’m a firm believer a prospect’s “true” stock never shifts throughout the process, it’s fun to play along with the news.


Hakeem Butler (WR, Iowa State) —“I” statements are something that I tend to avoid in writing, BUT (Of course there’s a but!), Butler is a player that’s received A LOT of positive hype over the last couple o...

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Russell Clay
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