2019 Player Profile: Oscar Mercado

2019 Player Profile: Oscar Mercado

The Indians are calling up outfield prospect Oscar Mercado. His bat isn’t great, but with his ability to steals bases he immediately becomes a player that we need to discuss picking up in the majority of fantasy leagues. Will the bat play though?

24 years old

Bats/Throws: Right/ Right

Height/Weight: 6’2”, 195 lbs

Position: Outfield    



Mercado can run, and his wheels are where his fantasy value rests. Per 162 games in the minors, Mercado has swiped an average of 54 bags. Alas, his 71.4 percent success rate on his 294 steal attempts is far from ideal and basically not much better than the bottom end of what running should result in (if you aren’t successful on at least 67 percent of your steal attempts you are actually harming your team’s ability to score runs). For a guy with as much speed as he has, it’s a slight concern that his success rate in the minors is on the low end of acceptable.

As for the bat… it’s possible that he w...

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