Tom Simons

Tom Simons - Staff Writer

Tom Simons

Staff Writer

Simons, a 20-year fantasy veteran, has been a staff writer for since 1995. In addition to his contributions to, Simons has been commissioner of such esteemed and groundbreaking leagues as ffWebMASTERS expert league since 2001, the innovative HAFA-X in its’ inaugural season of 2003, and Hardcore Fantasy Invitational since 2004.

Simons continues to have success in numerous high-profile “Expert Leagues” such as Fan-Ex Online, ffWebMASTERS, and INSANEX as well as innovative detailed leagues such as Hardcore Fantasy Invitational (HFI) and Hire And Fire Association (HAFA). As partner with John Hansen, Simons won the Fan-Ex Online Championship in 2005. He also won the ffWebMASTERS championship in 2005. In 2003, Simons was part of a team that captured the championship in the inaugural season of Hire And Fire Association (HAFA).

During the past 15 years, Simons has cultivated his craft as an Instant Replay engineer/technician in the Northwest and nationwide. He works for the cutting-edge in-house scoreboard show of the Seattle Seahawks. He also works all the Seattle Mariners, the now defunct Seattle Supersonics, and Washington Huskies home games. His clientele includes networks like CBS, ABC, ESPN, NBC, FOX, OLN, and other broadcasting entities. Some of his accomplishments include working the 2000 Summer Sydney Olympics, Games 6 and 7 of the 2002 World Series, and a nine-year hitch as Production Coordinator for a million dollar a year distance learning facility at the University of Massachusetts. Simons is a consummate professional, is thorough in his attention to detail, and is a firm believer of objectivity

A 1979 graduate of Springfield Technical Community College and a 1982 graduate of Fitchburg State College, Simons currently resides outside of the Emerald City of Seattle, Washington.