How do I access the secure site (SSL/HTTPS)?


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Typically your browser should redirect you to the secure site, but if it does not you can access it by visiting directly. Please note that only the domain has SSL/HTTPS support so if you are accessing the site using one of the alternate domains (, SSL/HTTPS will not be available.

We understand that we've undergone a major change, both with the amount of features provided, statistics, and overall layout. Be sure to check out the numerous quick and easy video tutorials that will be posted soon, covering everything from general site navigation to scoring settings input, and more!

There are likely some lingering issues on your end from when our site was previously having trouble (maintenance, crash, etc). While our site is operating fine, your browser might still be feeling prior issues. However, if you restart your browser and clear your cookies/browsing data, that should take care of any problems of that kind.