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How do I access the secure site (SSL/HTTPS)?
I'm used to the old site and having difficulty finding content and features on the new site. Help!
My subscription is active but I can't see some of the articles. Why is it telling me to login/subscribe?
Why haven't I received a response to my Support Ticket?
When does content, such as your cheat sheets and projections, get updated in the preseason?


Why isn’t my password being accepted?
Why don’t I receive the recover password email?

My Account

How can I tell if I’m subscribed for the upcoming season?


What's up with the MyGuru App?
Why can’t I find my scoring system after the migration?
Why are all my scoring systems labeled Custom?
What is the difference between a League and a Franchise?
How can I view my Scoring Rules?
If I’m not importing a league, do I have to create a scoring system from scratch?
When adding a rule, what is the difference between between “add/subtract” and “multiply”?
What is a condition?
What is Limit by position?
Projections/Leaderboards are just slightly off of my hosting provider. How come?
How can I differentiate between points awarded to D/ST and an individual player?
I’m having difficulty with my kicker settings and setting bonuses for longer field goals.
Why can't I have a rule with zero points?
Why are the the projected fantasy points in the thousands?
My league uses a single position for WR/TE, how do I configure this?
What statistical fields are projected in projections?
Can I modify an imported scoring system?
Why do some of your projections seem way out of whack in my custom scoring system?
How can I delete one of my teams from MyGuru?
How can I change one of team names from MyGuru?


Why was I charged multiple times when purchasing?
I already renewed, why does it say my account expires at the end of this season?
How do I subscribe/resubscribe?
How do I access the secure site (SSL/HTTPS)?
When does a subscription expire?
Why am I not receiving FantasyGuru's emails and newsletters?
My subscription is active but I can't see some of the articles. Why is it telling me to login/subscribe?