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2017 Season Quarterback Projections


Passing Updated: 05/22/2017 02:56pm EDT
RANK Name Pos Team Bye Cmp Att Yds TD INT Rush Yds TD Up Dn MOVE Role Fpts Comments
1QB9385580487539535851---QB1414.3A sickening collection of matchup pieces in place for 2017 that he's never had before; we'd take him over all other QBs in 2017.
2QB83805904365367552652.5---QB1403.8Started 2016 slow to his standards, but in his final eight games Rodgers threw 20 TDs, only 2 INTs, averaged nearly 300 yards/game and owned a 8.2 YPA.
3QB54256154785341325551---QB1386.8Loss of Brandin Cooks hurts and Sean Payton may commit to the run slightly more often, but Brees has finished as a top-6 fantasy passer in every season he's been with the Saints (since 2006).
4QB1135557044303012603002.5---QB1386.5Quietly had a rock-solid season with 25.8 FPG and while they're not overflowing with talent, the organization has stabilized some in Indy, so a fine pick if you take a QB earlier.
5QB633551541002710954103---QB1372.0Career worst passing touchdown-rate (3.80) in 2016 is bound to improve with strong supporting cast and a better running back rotation while his pass attempts/game have increased every year since he was a rookie. Sneaky value.
6QB53705604575331034950---QB1370.3TD rate and YPA are bound to drop off after a career-year in 2016 without OC Shanahan, but system will remain relatively unchanged and their personell is still excellent.
7QB103605754365338451251---QB1368.8Carr has improved his Adjusted YPA every year in the league so far: 5.50 (rookie season), 7.0, and 7.50 (2016). With the arrow pointing up in Oakland, he likely won't be cheap.
8QB53955954655291135752---QB1368.3Revamped receiving corps may cause him to be a little slow off the mark, but it's an impressive collection of weapons and he's averaged 22.4 FPG over his last 38 games which is pretty impressive.
9QB1134056042152814552053---QB1361.3Improved his touchdown-rate from 4.2% to 4.9% in 2016 and the Bucs' are loaded with weapons on offense in his third year. Solid pick as long as he's not overhyped later this summer -- but he doesn't truly stand out from others in his tier.
10QB93605504255331425450.5---QB1352.3Chargers clearly putting him in a great situation with OL and receiver upgrades, so we'd expect his second-worst ever INT rate to drop and perhaps he'll provide a more consistent 16-game season.
11QB63154853795259653254.5---QB1L349.3Incredibly impressive rookie season in which he finished 9th in TD rate and 3rd in Adjusted Yards/Attempt, but Dallas lost two OL, and defenses now have a full off-season to study him. We're not paying up for Dak.
12QB83004953895269653752---QB1L348.3A strong 21.5 FPG in 15 games last year including an eight-game streak in which he finished as a top-12 passer in every game. As long as he's healthy, continues to run, and Corey Davis performs well, he should continue to improve.
13QB738558543802611401252---QB1L347.5Logged a solid QB11 (PPG) performance in 2016 without Megatron, but upside seems fairly limited due to a good--not great--supporting cast.
14QB93405254445291220550.5---QB1L346.8An amazing 29.5 FPG at home last year but a horrendous 17.2 FPG on the road is worrisome, yet he's still a future HOFer with a ton of intriguing weapons.
15QB1129049036852413803605---QB2H346.3Predictably fell off dramatically in fantasy in 2016 and now more questions about his throwing-shoulder, number of rush attempts, and adjustments with new weapons.
16QB83856004385301420350.5YES--QB2H345.8Giants played with 3 wideouts on the field 96% of the time last year and he now has 3 excellent receivers plus a new weapon in Evan Engram. Eli is a bounce-back candidate.
17QB83255254395291315500.5---QB2H343.8Efficiency dipped in 2016, but he's still coming off QB7 (2015) and QB18 (2016) performances and is now extremely cheap.
18QB633552541952711451252YES--QB2H342.3Two key losses on OL is concerning but otherwise their offense is loaded with A.J. Green, John Ross, Tyler Eifert, and Joe Mixon. Also very affordable in fantasy drafts this summer.
19QB63004853600207904965---QB2H339.6YPA down in 2016, but he always possesses a nice rushing ceiling and his passing efficiency will improve IF Watkins is healthy. When Watkins is active over the last two years, Tyrod's YPA jumps from 7.93 to 8.80.
20QB1135052540952611401651.5---QB2334.3ACL appears to be fine and a very encouraging, career-best 7.70 YPA gives us optimism in Year 2 of Gase's offense. Has improved in Adjusted YPA every year.
21QB103805904100251328852---QB2325.5A year removed from ACL-tear but receiving corps is very thin so upside should be capped barring a surprise breakout or two at receiver.
22QB831554037952315552702---QB2320.8Efficiency and deep passing down significantly in 2016 and the days of 600+ pass attempts are likely over. However, fewer pass attempts could help clean up his sloppy game and the Jags' passing weapons are still strong.
23QB1036559039252213552152YES--QB2317.8Thrown into the fire as a rookie but showed well enough both under pressure and with a clean pocket throwing to a Motley Crew of receivers; weaponry seriously upgraded in 2017.
24QB9380555399524925550.5---QB2L304.3Insane 71.6% completion rate last year and offense moving much more towards being pass-happy and he does have some weapons to work with, but not someone to truly bank on just yet.
25QB103154903500219522252---QB2L293.5We do not expect Mahomes to challenge Smith early in the season and the Chiefs' weapons are arguably as good as they have ever been. Smith's last three performances (PPG) aren't world-beating, though: QB22, QB21, QB23.
26QB112754753465191210250---QB3251.8Did have his best season and showing as a starter playing for new HC Shanahan in Cleveland several years ago.
27QB727045031251316552153YES--QB3H247.8Experienced/battle-tested prospect coming out of college, and while Savage has big advantage with knowledge of the system, it's only a matter of time before Watson plays.
28QB82955003175181430951---QB3H246.3Dreadful 5.3 YPA with 54% completion rate as a rookie, and will take another 1-2 years of development; but at least plays now for a coaching staff that has a clue.
29QB519534024801310401701.5-YES-QB3202.0Poor numbers in his 3 games in 2016 and still a raw prospect but also a former first-round pick with a howitzer for an arm, so we expect he'll make a few spot-starts this season.
30QB9230375259513920350---QB3185.3Career 30:15 TD:INT ratio is solid, and decent situation overall; but Trubisky clearly their long-term guy, meaning Glennon will be hard-pressed to start more than half a season.
31QB9165260179510520350---QB3133.3Strong 65.6% completion rate plus decent 7.1 YPA as a rookie and likely their #1 to open season, but they do have plenty of QB competition. No reason to consider him in fantasy.
32QB910518012457620851.5---WW107.8Big and athletic and can produce with his legs, but a raw signal caller who will take his lumps if pressed into action in 2017.
33QB51151901350106000---WW107.5Nothing impressive about his fantasy numbers from 2016 but played well enough to not limit Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Still has to stave off a former-first rounder in Paxton Lynch.
34QB1112020013908616320---WW104.7A safe bet for Week 1 as a bridge-starter but obviously there's very little to like about his fantasy prospects long-term in 2017 as they have 2 youngsters they need to evaluate.
35QB9821409906420951---WW89.0Ran for 308/5 last year in college and when pressed into duty should rely on his legs early, but in a perfect world, he should sit for a year and learn.
36QB11951651175658150---WW84.3Great physical tools but horrendous 56% college completion rate a major red flag and not a lock he gets a very long look, although his year in the league has seemingly helped him.
37QB11751258804.561000---WW62.0Hoyer does have availability issues, so he could see the field at times, yet they do obviously like third-round pick CJ Beathard, who we don't like.
38QB775125850435150---WW60.0Essentially had one good game in Week 15 last year but does have talent and knowledge of the system, yet we know it'll be Watson sooner than later.
39QB1165115740437250.5---WW58.5Did one thing well last year and that was throw a deep ball to Anderson, but still had just a 6.1 YPA and Hackenberg should get a look before him.
40QB92235270415301---WW38.5A strong 67% completion rate filling in for Brady last year and clearly in a great position if called upon in final year of his rookie deal.
41QB94575565226200---WW38.3Probably not as bad as he looked last year but hard to expect many starts with Kizer and Kessler on the roster.
42QB102750370228450.5---WW34.0While rookies tend to play sooner rather than later, in his case we can see him sitting for a full season as he learns Andy Reid's complex offense.
43QB92340260227250.5---WW26.5May not jump past Landry for the number 2 job, but he's the type of cerebral and physically gifted player who could excel here if called upon, and Landry does stink.
44QB11213525021130---WW20.8If Cam's shoulder is not ready by Week 1, he's a capable backup who is familiar with their system and personnel.
45QB11223524521250---WW20.8Posted a very solid 8.3 YPA on 87 attempts last year, so a very capable backup for Tannehill.
46QBFA-2135250113140---WW17.9Mike Glennon attempted only 11 passes 2015-2016, so he'll need a serious injury to Winston to have a prayer.
47QB1019302151.513100---WW17.8Wentz through the ball 607 times last year with minimal health concerns, so we do not expect to see much of Foles.
48QB61728215114120---WW16.0Acquitted himself well two years ago playing for the injured Dalton and may have a future as starter in the NFL so he's one of the better No. 2 QBs in the NFL.
49QB6183021511270---WW15.5Pro-ready rookie who played under center in pro-style offense so we'd give him an edge over the raw Cardale Jones for the number 2 spot.
50QB10193020011250---WW14.5Still just a below-average backup to Derek Carr.