Week 16 Passing Game Matchups

Week 16 Passing Game Matchups

This column is an early-week look at what WRs are looking better or worse than usual against their secondary counterparts. Few NFL teams use true shadow coverage anymore, but if a team does, or is employing a different strategy this week in particular, we’ll note it here.

For the most part, we’re not going to mention the truly great players (it’s always a good idea to play Antonio Brown), unless the situation is so bad that a stud should be an obvious week-winning type of player (or cash-game play, for those in DFS circles).

I also finish up with some sneaky TEs in the passing game.

This column will be updated later in the week when we study the matchups deeper and more information is available, like information on injuries.


New in 2018, I’m going to offer a brief recap on what hit from my previous week’s column, for accountability purposes.

Week 15 was bizarre for just about everyone, and the column from last week shows that. While some of the positive match...

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