Superflex Dynasty Mock Draft Recap

Superflex Dynasty Mock Draft Recap

I recently participated in an industry Superflex dynasty mock draft with several drafters at 4for4 and Fantrax. Mock drafts are a useful exercise to help prepare you for the real thing. You can get a sense of ADP, practice different strategies, and learn what to do (and more importantly what not to do) when faced with a ticking down timer.

This draft was a 12-team, 20-player exercise that allowed one starting QB/RB/WR/TE, one Superflex position, and three flex positions. This type of setup led to many different roster constructions among our various drafters.

Instead of just going solely through my individual picks and bragging about how much I love Christian Kirk (I really do!), I thought this could be a much more prudent exercise for you (the reader), to see how some of the drafters in the industry decided to attack the quarterback position -- specifically with this being a Superflex dynasty mock.

There are three main types of drafting strategies when it comes to Superflex...

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Tyler Buecher