Dynasty Strategy: The Rookie Draft

Dynasty Strategy: The Rookie Draft

Much like any fantasy football format, there are layers to dynasty fantasy football. Between setting lineups and managing rosters in-season, to making tough cuts and flowing with the offseason, dynasty leagues can be an involved process. In this article I’ll be running through some of the more advanced strategies, concepts and ideas that I’ve acquired throughout my 11 years of experience.

Let’s run through some basic concepts of the rookie draft. There are many differing opinions and ideas about rookie draft strategy. Depending on the format, there could be some variations that shift concepts. Contract rules, unique settings and roster size can change any basic strategy. My belief is that folks get far too caught up in making things complicated. This should be a simple process that should be looked at in MULTIPLE-YEAR WINDOWS. As long as you don’t completely trade out of the draft, you’ll get multiple shots to redeem yourself, even if a miss on a first-round rookie pick occurs (and they DO happen).

Don’t Trade Future First Round Rookie Picks

This can be one of the biggest mistakes made in a dy...

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Russell Clay
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