2019 Best Ball Values: Volume 1

2019 Best Ball Values: Volume 1

As we enter the offseason, there’s a new format that’s emerged over the last couple of seasons that’s caught the attention of many. In fact, it's the preferred way to play for a lot of fantasy football enthusiasts. Best Ball.

Between, Draft, Fanball (MFL10s) and a few other established sites, there’s plenty of variety and fun to be had. Lobbies are open, ADPs have been created, and values have emerged. The goal of this article is to identify players that are currently undervalued and will provide depth in the later rounds of best ball drafts.

[Takes Deep Breath]

I know, I know. The fantasy season is over, the Super Bowl is about a week away, and moving onto the 2019 fantasy season seems silly. But, here we are. A few sites (draft.com specifically) have opened their 2019 lobbies, and it seems like a good time to start a series that will continue all spring and summer.

Since this will be a full-summer project, and it’s a marathon not a sprint, I’ve chosen to only profile four players per week. There are a bunch of players that can currently be considered values, ...

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