2018 NFFC Playoff Contest Strategies: Super Bowl LIII

2018 NFFC Playoff Contest Strategies: Super Bowl LIII

We’re approaching the end of the road for the NFFC Playoff Hold ‘Em Contest. It hasn’t been pretty for me. I’ll break down what happened with my club and some excellent info I got from our friends at the NFFC in this week’s column.


The rules for this contest can be a bit confusing, so I broke them down in my initial column.


You can check out the scoring system here.


Thanks to our guy Greg Ambrosius over at the NFFC, I got ownership percentages for every player in the Divisional Round.


1. Drew Brees 72%
2. Patrick Mahomes 70%
3. Tom Brady 31%
4. Jared Goff 23%

Running Backs
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