Unaccounted for Carries from the 2018 Season

Unaccounted for Carries from the 2018 Season

Similar to yesterday’s exercise in vacated targets from the previous season, finding which teams have unaccounted for carries can help us unearth some potential fantasy goldmines.

Outside of major coaching changes in offensive philosophy, most of these carries stay intact with the team. They’re just simply redistributed to new additions or to the incumbents.

Below is a list of all available carries that are up for grabs from each team. We can use these numbers to more accurately project exactly how much volume a running back may be in for during the 2019 season.

2018 Vacated Targets

Jacksonville Jaguars (274 Carries)

After missing the final half of the season last year due to injury, Leonard Fournette should be in line for the majority of these unaccounted for carries. T.J. Yeldon (104) and Carlos Hyde (48) both left this offseason opening the door for Fournette to in...

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Tyler Buecher