The Points are Back in Town

Last year I wrote on article about the drop in fantasy scoring in 2017. The summary points from that article:

  • Non-QB fantasy scoring was down almost 4.4 FP/G per team from 2016 to 2017.
  • It wasn't just receiving FP/G: rushing FP/G was down 0.9 points per team in 2017.
  • But it was MOSTLY receiving FP/G: a drop of 3.4 points per team.
  • RB scoring was up 0.5 FP/G from 2016.
  • Tight end FP/G was off 0.6 points in 2017.
  • WR scoring league-wide was down 4.2 FP/G per team in 2017; 0.3 points of that was due to a drop in rushing scoring by wideouts, the rest was a drop in points from receiving.
  • Six teams saw their WRs increase around 4-8 FP/G in scoring
  • Twelve teams had a decline in WR scoring of around 4-8 FP/G.
  • Six more teams had a double-digit fall in WR FP/G: those teams accounted for about two-thirds of the total drop.

I also said: It's possible in five years we'll see 2015 as an inflection point when defenses began to gain on offenses and fantasy scoring started a long-term decline. But right no...

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Mike Horn
Statistical Analyst

Mike, our resident stat head, has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years and high-stakes leagues for over a decade.  He joined the Fantasy Guru staff in 2005.