2018 Strength of Schedule Adjusted QB Scores

2018 Strength of Schedule Adjusted QB Scores

Every year, after the season ends, I look back at player performance (in fantasy points) adjusted by factoring in their strength of schedule (SoS). I want to strip out the effects of difficult or easy schedules in order to better predict player performance next season. I look at all the offensive fantasy positions, starting with QBs.

This method doesn't always work in spotting changes for next season, because so many factors go into a player's performance. For example, if you go back and read last year’s article, you 'll find a mixed bag of calls. Here's my summary from that article:

A few summary comments, just based on this analysis:

  • Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, and Jimmy Garoppolo all look even better when their actual performances are adjusted for their SoS.
  • While the young guys above are exciting, veterans Matthew Stafford and Philip Rivers still look like Top-10 fantasy QBs in a SoS analysis.
  • Don't sleep on Aaron Rodgers; he was playing very well despite a tough schedule.
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Mike Horn
Statistical Analyst

Mike, our resident stat head, has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years and high-stakes leagues for over a decade.  He joined the Fantasy Guru staff in 2005.