NFL Draft Team Needs

NFL Draft Team Needs

There’s been a lot of time spent this offseason reviewing NFL draft prospects and how they project to the NFL, but there’s another side to that equation. NFL teams will be selecting these players, and identifying what teams need can help project where certain players land. Generally speaking, a lot of teams have a lot of needs and it’s difficult to project specific players to teams, but mixing and matching archetypes and prospects with similar strengths can really narrow the field.

To accomplish this, we’ll run through each team, list skill positions the team is in need of, name a few players who fit those needs, and give a quick breakdown of how that player would fit into the offensive dynamic. This is obviously going to have a subjective dynamic to it, but based on the prior season and investment levels in positions, there’s enough transparency to make educated guesses.


Needs: TE/WR

Potential Options: T.J. Hockenson, Irv Smith, Kelvin Harmon, Ema...

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