Smash Kyler Murray Prop Bets While You Can

Smash Kyler Murray Prop Bets While You Can

Prop bets are one of my favorite ways of beating oddsmakers. Some people have immense success betting spreads or hitting over/unders -- just check out how red-hot our Elite Sports Betting site is right now with baseball -- but my most successful betting has been through prop bets.

When I saw that FanDuel released props for Kyler Murray as soon as he was drafted by the Cardinals it was something I couldn’t wait to get action on. Hell, I opened an account just to do so. I immediately started maxing every single bet they offered -- OVER on passing yards, OVER on passing touchdowns, and taking him for Rookie of the Year. It was all because I was highly confident in that we had just seen nearly an identical quarterback come out of the same system with the same statistics and flourish in Year 1.

Murray is as close to a carbon copy of a passer of Baker Mayfield that it’s utterly uncanny. One could argue Murray is nearly the same quarterback prospect coming out of Oklahoma, just with speed to boot as a runner.

It’s amazing...

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