GuruMail: More Keepers!

GuruMail: More Keepers!

Joe Dolan will publish his new mailbag column – which we’re calling GuruMail – weekly throughout the 2018 NFL season. Get your questions into [email protected]. While there are no guarantees your question will be answered (the focus will be on more longer-form answers), Joe will get to as many as possible per week. Keep in mind our new VIP Chatroom and Guru Chat Sessions are other ways to get your pressing questions answered – or to get a second opinion.

Hey folks. Like I try to do on my SiriusXM Radio show, the idea will be to try to dig deep enough into the question so that it can help others who had similar questions, not just the specific person asking the question. So, honestly, this isn’t the venue for start/sit questions – we will have multiple VIP Chats to take care of that.

I’ll consistently solicit questions on my Twitter (@FG_Dolan), but the mailbag email address listed above is always open for business even if I’m not openly lobbying for interaction.

Let’s get into it!

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