Dynasty Strategy: 2QB and Superflex Leagues

Much like any fantasy football format, there are layers to dynasty fantasy football. Between setting lineups and managing rosters in-season, to making tough cuts and flowing with the offseason, dynasty leagues can be an involved process. In this article I’ll be running through some of the more advanced strategies, concepts and ideas that I’ve acquired throughout my 11 years of experience.

Over the last decade ther has been a major push for superflex (SF) and two-quarterback (2QB) formats. The lackluster value of the position in single QB leagues has created a drive to make the most valuable position in real football valuable in fantasy again. Adding a second quarterback to lineup requirements not only accomplishes that goal, but throws the entire balance of positional value into a blender. There are successful ways to navigate these shifts, however, and that will be the main goal of this piece. Individual player evaluation is still very important, but structural edges can give a huge boost.

There are two important things to research regarding SF dynasty leagues, let’s review them.

League Scoring and Setting A...
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Russell Clay
Fantasy Analyst

Russell Clay joined FantasyGuru.com as a contributor in August 2018. He prides himself on being a versatile fantasy writer who’s able to provide strong analysis on a wide array of topics.