Wild Card Round Kicker Recommendations

I'll wrap up the algorithm performance for Week 17 and the season later, but for now I want to post the playoff recommendations as early as possible.

This week’s recommendations

The kickers are in order from top to bottom of the points the algorithm says they’ll score – it’s not highly accurate but I’d pick a guy at the top of a category over one at the bottom if I needed a tiebreaker.

The “% Owned” column is taken from ESPN’s fantasy leagues. It provides a rough guide to who may be available in most leagues. For the playoffs, I’m using the Week 17 ownership stats. It's not meaningful now other than to see who was a popular regualr season choice.

The “% Wins” column is the percentage of time the kicker has gotten a “Win” as defined by the 7 FP standard: a win is scoring more than 7 FP, a tie i...

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Mike Horn
Statistical Analyst

Mike, our resident stat head, has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years and high-stakes leagues for over a decade.  He joined the Fantasy Guru staff in 2005.