By Jeff Mans

This is for you. All of you.

Fantasy Guru subscribers, I welcome you back for the 2019 season.

You’re going to notice some changes around here. We are not going to hide from it. John Hansen, the founder of Fantasy Guru has moved on to focus on radio and TV. I’ve worked with John for years and consider him a good friend and wish him nothing but the best.

But we have a mission to accomplish and that is to win. My pledge to all of you is that nothing will get in your way of dominating your leagues in 2019. You see, we are changing the way things are done around here. I have spent every single day since February 4th, 2019 (the day after the Super Bowl) coming up with a plan to make Fantasy Guru better. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on phone calls, talking with fellow fantasy football analysts both from our team and others around the industry. I spent even more hours in our offseason chat room, our Elite Fantasy chat room and on social media talking to fantasy football players to see what was most important.

The overwhelming conclusion that I came to was we needed to build a team. Not just any team, but a team of analysts that could create, innovate and help each of you win. We needed a team that still has the drive to excel at their craft and not rest on their laurels. We needed a team that cares more about your success than their own. Believe it or not, that is a very tough thing to find in the fantasy sports industry.

The result of the last four months is what you see here. The 2019 Fantasy Football Draft Guide and In-Season Product here at Fantasy Guru is all about YOU. Our team is full of smart, talented, experienced winning fantasy football players and analysts. Some are familiar to you, some may be new. But every single one of us are banded together to bring you championships this year and beyond.

From this point forward, you will never be alone in your quest for those championships. We are here, every day, every minute to help guide you on the right path. Whether it is an informational article, a deep strategy podcast, an interactive Livestream show, a data hub full of every stat you can think of or real time coaching sessions with our team, we have got you covered.

Our commitment to you is that anytime day or night that you have a question about your draft or your team, you will be able to get an answer from us. We mean it. No more just throwing names and numbers at you and having you sort it out. The new Fantasy Guru team is about being with our people every step of the way.

So, what does this actually mean? It means that when you want to know how to setup the scoring for an IDP league, we are there with a step by step breakdown for you. It means that when you’re looking for how Aaron Rodgers does against the Lions at Ford Field, we have all the numbers you need. It means that when you’re in the 9thround of your draft and you’re deciding between Gio Bernard and Elijah McGuire, you can pop into our chat room and get an answer. It means that when you want to know how expert players bid on their waivers every week, there’s a coaching session you can watch anytime you like.

Our Draft Guide isn’t a magazine that was printed in June and out of date by the time you bring it home. It’s always updated, always expanding and can be taken everywhere you go. Seriously.

If you’re the type that loves to have the tangible flip book in your hands, we have you covered. Just click on the link at the top of the home page and print out the latest edition.

Have a long drive to work that you wish you could use to stay up to date on the latest strategies? Download the podcasts and be informed and entertained on the drive.

Like to check the rankings while sitting on the toilet? Hit our link on your mobile device and have all the answers wherever you roam.

With a never-ending supply of resources and a team that is full committed to serving you, this is going to be the best fantasy football season ever.