2018 Stock Watch: Week 9

2018 Stock Watch: Week 9



Recent news and/or performance has made us more optimistic about these particular players for fantasy purposes.


Carson Wentz (Phi) – Wentz isn’t getting the hype of a Patrick Mahomes this year, likely because Wentz had his own run of hype last year before his injury, but it’s entirely possible he’s playing better football than he did a season ago. Against the Jaguars, he went 21/30 for 286 yards with 3 TD and a pick. His pick was a misread of excellent zone coverage by CB Jalen Ramsey, and he lost a fumble after being blown up on his blindside again, but Wentz also made several massive plays in this one, using his mobility and second-reaction ability to move the chains (Jordan Matthews was the recipient of most of Wentz’s big plays in this on...

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