2018 Stock Watch: Week 7

2018 Stock Watch: Week 7
Staff writers Joe Dolan, Tom Brolley, Russell Clay, and Ray Flowers contributed to this report.


Recent news and/or performance has made us more optimistic about these particular players for fantasy purposes.


Tom Brady (NE) – Brady has his full complement of weapons now, and the Patriots – shocking! – are looking like the Patriots. In a win over the Chiefs on Sunday night, Brady went 24/35 for 340 yards and a score. He added 2 yards rushing, including a 4-yard TD run on which he dove headfirst into the end zone. Of Brady’s 35 passes, 9 went in the direction of Josh Gordon (5/42 receiving), and he targeted four other receivers at least 4 times a piece. With Gordon in the offense and Julian Edelman back, plus an exce...

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