2018 Stock Watch: Week 15

2018 Stock Watch: Week 15
Staff writers Joe Dolan, Tom Brolley, Russell Clay, and Ray Flowers contributed to this report.


Recent news and/or performance has made us more optimistic about these particular players for fantasy purposes.


Tom Brady (NE) – The Patriots lost in improbable fashion in Week 14, thanks to a once-in-a-decade walkoff pitch play for the Dolphins, but Brady had arguably his strongest game of the season. Brady went 27/43 for 358 yards and 3 TD. Not only did Brady set a season-high number in passing yards, but it was the first time all season that Brady threw 3 TD passes without also tossing a pick (by comparison, he had six such games last year, including the playoffs, and seven in 2016). The reasoning is simple – with Rob Gronkowski looking somewhat ...

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