2018 Stock Watch: Week 12

2018 Stock Watch: Week 12


 Staff writers Joe Dolan, Tom Brolley, Russell Clay, and Ray Flowers contributed to this report.


Recent news and/or performance has made us more optimistic about these particular players for fantasy purposes.


Drew Brees (NO) – Look, an “upgrade” doesn’t do much here – if you have Brees, you know to start him basically every week – but he’s playing at a ridiculously high level right now and Sean Payton is clearly angling to get him his first MVP award (it still shocks us that he hasn’t won one). Against the Eagles in Week 11, Payton left Brees in longer than he needed to, but karma didn’t bite. Brees finished 22/30 for 363 yards and 4 TD. He picked apart an Eagle secondary that has been absolutely decimated by ...

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