2018 Playoff Fantasy Strategies

2018 Playoff Fantasy Strategies

While luck almost always plays a big role in your success in the fantasy playoffs, you’re even more so at the mercy of the football gods when it comes to participating in NFL Playoff fantasy leagues, since your players’ fantasy fortunes hinge on whether or not their teams advance in the postseason.

However, those who prepare the most for any draft tend to be the luckiest, so there are some things you can do to try to maximize your luck in this year’s NFL Playoff Draft, one in which you do a single draft for the entire postseason.

Know who plays whom in each round.

While you’re filling out your own bracket, you might as well look at all the potential matchups for the postseason. You can’t just look at the first round matchups and draft from there. You need to look at how the playoffs will shake out and then make decisions based on the scenarios you think will play out, a...

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