2018 NFFC Playoff Contest Strategies: Wild Card

2018 NFFC Playoff Contest Strategies: Wild Card

In case you live under a rock – or have an ad blocker turned on – you may have seen the bright, shiny banner on our homepage. We’re running a deal with our friends over at the NFFC, regarding their postseason hold ‘em contest! You’re going to want to sign up for a chance at $125,000 (yes, $125,000).

Tom Brolley, Russ Clay, and I all have teams in the contest (as do other Guru staff members), and we’ll be talking about our strategies on our postseason VIP Livestreams, so you’ll want to get involved, it goes without saying.

The rules are a teensy bit confusing, so I decided I would break them down in this column, with a little bit of insight into my strategy. Continuing next week for the Divisional Round, I’ll be doing weekly columns about how I’m going to construct my rosters after teams get eliminated.

The Rules

OK, like most playoff contests, this isn’t your basic “draft and manage” type of league.

Prior to the Wild Card round, every entrant selects 12 players. You must sele...

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