2018 NFFC Playoff Contest Strategies: Divisional

2018 NFFC Playoff Contest Strategies: Divisional

It was an eventful first week in the NFFC Playoff Hold ‘Em Contest, a week in which I performed with exceptional mediocrity (is that even possible?). I’ll break down what happened with my club and some excellent info I got from our friends at the NFFC in this week’s column.

The Rules

The rules for this contest can be a bit confusing, so I broke them down in last week’s column.

The Scoring

You can check out the scoring system here.

The Chalk Report

Thanks to our guy Greg Ambrosius over at the NFFC, I got ownership percentages for every player in the Wild Card round.


Patrick Mahomes QB KC 55.00%
Drew Brees QB NO 46.00%
Andrew Luck QB IND 26.00%
Tom Brady QB NE ...

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