NFL Free Agent Predictions: 2019

NFL Free Agent Predictions: 2019

The NFL season NEVER ends and here on Fantasy Guru football is LIFE. The 2019 NFL year begins on Monday March 11th and with that a plethora of players will become free agents in search of a new team. 

Our motto here at Fantasy Guru is simple: Put It On Tape. We don't believe in second guessing, after the fact opinions or hindsight analysis. We do our work, say it with our chest and let the results speak for themselves. With that in mind, we gathered up our NFL staff to put them on record as to which key NFL free agents will end up on which teams. Will Nick Foles get his megadeal? Do the Rams keep C.J. Anderson as insurance for Todd Gurley? Which QB's get new weapons this offseason? The Fantasy Guru staff have your answers here before the flurry of signings take place. 

You think that you can predict better? Hit us up in the NFL Chat or or on any of our Twitter accounts (or staff account @FantasyGuruSite) and put your prediction on tape! 

Here are our 2019 NFL Free Agent Predictions

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