Ideal Free Agent Destinations: WRs/TEs

Ideal Free Agent Destinations: WRs/TEs

Last week, we previewed free agency at all the major skill positions, including mixing in some top OLs and IDPs. Now, it’s time to look at the top of those FA classes and pick some landing spots. This is done without inside info, but simply with an eye toward what might make sense for the players and for fantasy.


Tyrell Williams to the Cleveland Browns

The Browns currently have the third-most cap space (about $79.3 million as of Feb. 20) heading into free agency, and they’re building a complete offense around second-year QB Baker Mayfield. However, they have one glaring weakness on the perimeter at wide receiver, and Williams is the top outside WR entering free agency. Williams is a dangerous downfield threat on the outside and his size (6’4”, 205 pounds) makes him a red-zone weapon. Williams could add another dimension to this Browns’ offense, and he’d be a clear upgrade over current deep thr...

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