DFS AAF Breakdown: Week 1

DFS AAF Breakdown: Week 1


I've literally spent 9 of the last 12 hours reading, calling, texting, emailing, IMing everybody I know in order to dig up the best information on the AAF. The route I chose to go is to get REAL depth charts for all 8 teams which I have now done here: https://www.fantasyguru.com/nfl/articles/content/aaf-depth-charts 

Nobody else has this complete or factual information. As you will note, I've been quite off on some of my projections already which is obviously part of the process when you are trying to build Rome in three days. So, in order to make sure we are the ones winning all of the money this week, I will share with you my top lineup on Fanball and give you my final player pool. 


QB's: Mike Bercovici, Luis Perez, Garrett Gilbert

RB's: Akeem Hunt (offensive line is best), Kenneth Farrow, Jhurre...

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Jeff Mans
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Jeff Mans is the CCO of Guru Elite.com and 14-year veteran of the fantasy sports industry. He is also the outspoken front man of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, hosting a variety of live programs including his own Guru Elite Show from 2-4 PM ET every weekday