On The Clock: Pick 1.08

On The Clock: Pick 1.08

Every fantasy draft presents us with different scenarios that put fantasy owners in situations where a tough decision needs to be made. That’s where this new series came about. Each week I will walk you through a scenario you may be faced with on draft day and present multiple options, then choosing the way I would go about it. There will also be weeks where I just talk about one player, in a specific format and round, and elaborate on why that player will likely make my roster at that time.

This week, I’ll make it pretty easy and stick to the first round. The format here is a 12-team PPR league and the roster consists of 1-QB, 2-RB, 3-WR, 1-TE, 1-Flex, 1-Defense, and 1-Kicker. At the time the draft order was set, you find yourself at the eighth spot. Here is how the draft has gone so far:


There are multiple ways you can go here without a doubt. Based on my rankings, here are some of the top available options that can be drafted at the eighth pick with the players that are already off of the board.

WR Julio Jones, Falcons – Some may argue that Jones could be ...

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