Welcome to MyGuru. Here you can view customized information for your imported or created fantasy leagues to help you with all aspects of each franchise you own. In MyGuru, you can view the leagues you have created or imported as well as your personal franchises


We are currently updating the features available in MyGuru. We have kept the minimums available to you while we make the other changes that will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

What's Coming?

Upcoming changes to MyGuru include:

  • Expanded league providers available to import leagues.
  • Customized content targeting your league and your franchises. For example, in our waiver wire article, we have the ability to highlight players who are available in your league!
  • Updated Roster Analyzer with the ability to view your opponent's team or any other team in your imported league.
  • Practice reports targeting players on your roster or in your league.
  • Injury reports of the players on your roster or in your league.
  • In addition to news headlines that we have had in the past, we are now tagging our articles with players so you can quickly read articles related to players on your roster or within your league.
  • League depth charts so you can quickly get a glimps of who your opponents have on their franchises.
  • Waiver wire targeting available players in your league.
  • Plus much more...

Coming in 2017 You'll also be able to access additional items from "Leagues," such as the Trade Analyzer and Matchups, as well as view Free Agents in each of your leagues. The NEW MyGuru has been optimized for ideal organization and increased navigation through each of your leagues.


Import a League

Already have a league with one of the top fantasy sites? No problem, you can import your league from many providers including NFL.com, ESPN, Yahoo, MyFantasyLeague and more. Importing a league will not only import your team but the entire league giving you more insight to how your opponent's projected scores look in addition to your own. When you make a change to your roster those changes are automatically syncronized back to MyGuru.

Import a League


Create a New League

Create a custom league with your own franchises and scoring rules using our highly customizable system. 

Create Custom League 


Create a Scoring System

Don't need a league with franchises? No problem, You can create a custom scoring system with your own scoring rules using our highly customizable system or use one of our site presets as a starter template that you can tweak. 

NOTE: If you are not going to change any values from the preset you don't need to create a new scoring system. Just select the preset from the scoring system selector.

Create Custom Scoring System 


Don't see a standard scoring system in our presets? Contact us and let us know what fantasy provider you are using and we may be able to add them to our list of preset scoring systems.



Read our MyGuru Help/FAQs to understand our new system. View the fields we project, common examples of scoring rules and more.

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