Fantasy Baseball Roto League Targets: 2019

Fantasy Baseball Roto League Targets: 2019

I don’t know how some of you do it. You go through life willy-nilly and seem genuinely happy to do so. I’m not criticizing you, I am actually very, very jealous.

You see, I need to plan EVERYTHING. I have the next month of my life planned out in great detail. Sure, there are always bumps in the road and things that come up that are beyond my control but if I didn’t set a path for myself, I really don’t think that I would ever get anywhere.

Let me be more direct. To win a championship in fantasy baseball, you have to have a plan. The stats/categories are too robust, and the season is just too long. If you’re playing rotisserie style then you need to know what numbers are going to win it for you. How are you going to be at the top of multiple categories if you don’t know what that even means? The truth is that you can’t and you won’t.

Just draft the best players #1-#29 and it’ll all work out, right? Oh, you fledgling, simple, snuggly bastards. You’re drawing dead this way my friends especially if you’re playing against any kind of competition. 

What I want you all to start doing (if you don’t already) is to total up your...

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Jeff Mans
COO Guru Elite

Jeff Mans is the CCO of Guru and 14-year veteran of the fantasy sports industry. He is also the outspoken front man of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, hosting a variety of live programs including his own Guru Elite Show from 2-4 PM ET every weekday