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Graham Barfield

Graham Barfield - Senior Analyst

Graham Barfield

Senior Analyst

Graham Barfield is a statistical junkie who loves all sports, especially football. At a young age, Barfield tracked box scores in USA Today and vehemently watched Randy Moss’ every move on the field. He played baseball on all-state teams and was a pitcher throughout highschool, always relishing in the stats. From day one, Barfield has always loved numbers.

Graham has a degree in Finance from the University of North Florida and when he is not crunching fantasy football data, he is enjoying the outdoors, working out, reading or eating all types of food. His favorite authors include Nicholas Taleb and Nate Silver and he has a special penchant for Thai food.

With FantasyGuru, Graham will orchestrate all types of different statistical endeavors, chat on podcasts and will occasionally rib John Hansen over his disdain for Arian Foster. Even though his background in fantasy sports has always been qualitative, Barfield enjoys all types of football analysis and is a news-junkie. You can follow him on Twitter @GrahamBarfield.