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Welcome to the Guru Challenge!


Note: the deadline has passed to be placed in a league of 40. The good news is that, in addition to playing for the overall prizes each week, you will be placed in a "league" among all weekly players and will compete for separate prizes.

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You have the option of acquiring up to 3 teams in a single purchase. Prices listed below are per team you activate.

$4.95 / team Sign up for The Guru Challenge for the COMING WEEK of action in the NFL and only the coming week. If you sign up for a week after a game has been played for the coming week, you cannot use players from those games for your lineup, but you can still play after a game for the week has been played.

$4.95 / team Sign up for a 2013 SEASON PASS to The Guru Challenge. You'll save 10% off the weekly price of $4.95!

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