Wild-Card Round Stat-Pack

It’s a special playoff version of Stat Pack! I will go team-by-team and breakdown three (five!) key statistics with a forward-looking view. The attempt here isn’t so much to provide atypical game recaps, but to provide rich context about the games that may not be obvious.

Instead of writing the column alphabetically by team, I changed the format a bit to look at each game. Here is the Wild Card Round Stat Pack

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans


  1. Michael Crabtree finished as a WR2 or better (top-24) nine times in the 2016 fantasy regular season (Week 1-16).
  2. Amari Cooper had just five WR2 or better finishes in 2016.
  3. These are Latavius Murray’s last five snap-rates: 70%, 68%, 50%, 41%, and 30% (Week 17).
  4. Here are DeAndre Washington’s snap-rates in the same span: 0% (healthy scratch), 3%, 16%, 33%, and 40%.
  5. Connor Cook targeted ten different receivers on his 21 attempts against Denver, with Amari Cooper leading the team (5) and Michael Crabtree tied for second with...
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Graham Barfield
Senior Analyst

Graham is a senior analyst for Fantasy Guru and works closely with statistics to produce quanitative analysis for complementary weekly content. He will be appearing before the season and during the season on The Fantasy Guru Podcast with John Hansen and Joe Dolan. Be sure to follow Graham on Twitter at @GrahamBarfield.