The time is finally here! As I mentioned in the video you'll see below, I really appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve hit a lot of snags on the rollout of our new site. We’re now in month ELEVEN of development, so it’s taken a lot longer than expected (which is typical for huge projects like this). This business can be tough for me because I cannot handle any development during the season, so that really cuts out half the year in terms of development – and half the year obviously wasn’t enough to get us ready for the new site.

We'd like to thank everyone for all the feedback given through email, Twitter and the BETA Feedback button. As of January 11th, 2017, the site is now FULLY OPERATIONAL!

As we’ve said many times, this new site is the largest initative we’ve ever taken on, and it represents the biggest and best upgrade we’ve ever had. There are many elements at play that you as a reader won’t exactly notice but will make our lives a lot easier as we do things on the back end. But you should quickly realize that the site is simply better overall. The main point is that we are now able to build up from there, and that’s probably the most important point. We’re going to continue to develop site tools and features this offseason, so you should see steady improvements and new offerings we get deeper into the season. We have a TON of ideas in terms of tools to make the site more powerful, and we should be rolling at least some of them out this offseason. By the 2017 kickoff, we’ll be in GREAT shape...that, I promise.

I want to thank our guy Ben Kukainis for all his help on this huge project, and speaking of Ben, he’s whipped two very informative videos to introduce the new site to you. If you are interested in the new site and all that comes with it and/or have questions, check out both of these videos because any question you have should be answered. If not, we’ll add them to the FAQs section on the top right of every page.

Thanks again for your patience and I hope you enjoy the new and improved!


John Hansen



Message from our Copy Editor/Webmaster Ben Kukainis:

Hello subscribers!

A huge thanks to everyone for their patience and loyalty to the site. For your convenience, I’ve made two videos that may either help you out navigating or operating the new site, or just serve as a general intro to everything we offer. Remember, this is only the beginning! We’ll still be rolling out new updates and the season goes along, and this new site is just going to get better and better. Enjoy!

This first video contains an introduction fro...