Week 5 History Report

Good History


Matthew Stafford (Det vs. Phi) – Stafford played maybe the best game of his career against the Eagles last season. He completed 27 of 38 attempts (71%) for 337 yards and 5 TDs with 0 turnovers (38.2 FP).

Cam Newton (Car vs. TB) – It’s been a fantasy bonanza for Cam in his last two home games against the Bucs. Last year he toasted them 293 passing yards, 2 passing TDs and another 2 TDs on the ground (35.7 FP) and in 2014 he rolled up 263 passing yards, 2 passing TDs and 68/1 on the ground (34.0 FP).

Brian Hoyer (Chi vs. Ind) – Hoyer had one of his better games 2015 as a Houston Texan against the Colts. He completed 77.4% of his passes for 312 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT and added a 14-yard run for a total of 25.0 FP.


Running Backs

Arian Foster (Mia vs. Ten) – Foster is a question mark for this week but in the event that he does go, we’ll note that his history against t...

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