Week 14 Streaming QBs and TEs

Week 14 Streaming QBs and TEs

We’ve done a Streaming Defenses article for many years at this point, but I figured we could expand it out to look at Streaming QBs and TEs this year, as well. If you’re not rolling with Patrick Mahomes or Carson Wentz every week, there’s a good chance you’re searching for a QB with the best matchup or for a QB in a hot stretch of play. Same goes for TE if you’re not rolling with the likes of Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz. In effort to help out those who might be streaming at these positions, I’ll take a look at some players you might start based on a matchup, a key injury, and other factors that might boost value in a given week. I’ll also highlight some typical weekly starters that you might want to shy away from because of a tougher matchup or other factors.

Note: These are not strict Start/Sit recommendations. This article is meant to give you players who are widely owned and looking a little worse this week. Conversely, this article is also meant to give you players who are widely available and looking better this week.

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