Week 14 Players to Trade/Trade for

Week 14 Players to Trade/Trade for

The purpose of this column is to help readers take advantage of perceived and anticipated player values for trading. What we try to do here is isolate players whose values are currently down but could go up, and vice versa. What we are not trying to do is advise you to trade or trade for these players at any cost. It’s important to get proper value in trades and to remember to avoid making a trade unless it measurably improves your team.

We will also from time-to-time suggest trading players that we like a lot. When we do, it’s often because the player was drafted as a backup and isn’t exactly needed; therefore, the goal is to improve your team in another area.

Note: With trade deadlines for many leagues already passed and the fantasy playoffs underway for most, this is the last week for this column, and our trade choices are minimal.

Players to Trade for: 

Aaron Rodgers<...

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