Week 10 TNF IDP Preview

Carolina Panthers (6-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2-1)



There have been some brutal TNF matchups lately, but this one is looking good. The Panthers and Steelers both have their eyes on the playoffs, so this game has some weight to it. Both defenses have start playing better as of late, which will make this fun to watch as both offenses have been productive as well.

Home Stat Crew

There’s no stadium we hate worse than the one in Carolina. Their stat crew is as poor as can be when it comes to awarding tackles (and especially solos). So anytime the Panthers aren’t at home is reason to celebrate. Pittsburgh’s crew is a tick above average and holds an 80:20 solo-to-assist ratio, so expect a noticeable boost in solos for your Carolina IDPs.


Matchups to Watch

James Conner vs. Luke Kuechly/Thomas Davis

Whilst Le’Veon Bell is away f...

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Justin Varnes
IDP Analyst

Initially a subscriber to Fantasy Guru, Justin became the company’s IDP Analyst in 2015. He produces both preseason and in-season content geared towards IDPers, including weekly defensive player previews. Follow him on Twitter at @downwithIDP.