Trends in Fantasy RB Scoring Thru 2016

In working on my article on 2016 Strength of Schedule Adjusted RB Scores, I noticed something that took me back to a short piece I wrote in June last year. I'm going to update that article, which I've quoted in its entirety (in italics) below, and add a couple of more charts.

We all know last year was a bit of a down year for fantasy RB scoring. The top fantasy back in PPR systems, Devonta Freeman posted 21.4 fantasy points per game (FP/G). That was well below the previous season and the worst year for the overall RB1 since 2008. This continues a long-term trend.

But that doesn’t mean that overall RB fantasy scoring is necessarily down, nor that RB1 numbers will go down again.

Look at this chart:

The overall RB1 trend is shown by the dotted blue line and we can all see that it is going down. After every few years a bottom is hit and there is a bounce back season. We could ...

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Mike Horn
Statistical Analyst

Mike, our resident stat head, has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years and high-stakes leagues for over a decade.  He joined the Fantasy Guru staff in 2005.