Tips for Becoming an Auctioneer

I should’ve known at a young age that I’d be destined to be an “Auctioneer.” The father of one of my best friends is an auctioneer, and he sponsored our Little League team when I was mowing down 12-year-olds with my sinking two-seam fastball.

I got my first taste of auction drafts six years ago during baseball season, and I quickly fell in love with the format. I still mostly participate in snake drafts each season because most people are a little afraid to step outside of their comfort zone to do an auction. As much as I enjoy the traditional format, the auction is the purest way to draft, IMHO. I love the freedom of going after any player I please in auction formats, as opposed to being pigeonholed into a certain slot in snake drafts. I also love that you have to fly by the seat of your pants in an auction. I might go into my draft with a general idea of what I might do, but that plan is usually altered or completely thrown out the window after a couple nominations based on how my leaguemates are bidding.

Anyway, since I love auctions so much, I figured I’d give out a few of the general rules I follow on draft day…

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Tom Brolley
Senior Writer

Tom is a senior writer for Fantasy Guru, working closely with John, Joe, and Graham to produce many of the site’s top articles. Tom handles any fantasy questions that come into the Fantasy Guru Twitter account during the season. He can also be heard on The Fantasy Guru Podcast throughout the year, including during the season on the Down to the Wire podcast with Paul Kelly. Be sure to follow Tom on Twitter at @FG_Brolley.