A Look at all 32 Through Two Weeks

A Look at all 32 Through Two Weeks

One of the main issues I face each week is that everyone wants all the information about the week that was on like Monday or Tuesday when the fact is that’s impossible if you want to review things correctly, as I do. I need at least three days to absorb what happened, and that includes studying all the data AND watching all the games – which takes a ton of time. So I’ll usually have a lot more insight and information very late in the week, and with people loving my “Good Vibes/Bad Vibes” I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on the first two weeks in “Vibe Form.”

I’ll try to do this once every few weeks at least to keep readers abreast of what I’m seeing, hearing, and thinking with all 32 teams.


Arizona Cardinals

The vibes are pretty good here, and there’s room for things to get better with WRs John Brown and Michael Floyd doing very little. Floyd, in particular, should start heating up soon. Last October, Larry ...

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